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Since 2012


As Geomas Geocomposite we serve the environmental lining projects as well as the construction fields with our innovatively developed waterproofing products.

High production capacity of our fully automated facility and Turkey’s strategic location are important factors in our ability to serve as the best available option to our clients in a fast and cost efficient manner.  Thus, we have a solid presence with return clients not only from Turkey but also from Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

As a subsidiary of the leading group, IZOMAS GROUP in Turkey, Geomas also improves its research and development operations on geosynthetic product range by vigorous commitment to quality.


GEOMAS provides professional solutions from design to construction.  Geomas is available as your solution partner by providing:
* Manufacturing capabilities
* Supervising and inspection service
* Design assistance and technical expertise
* Training programs consisting of theory and practice



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Cumhuriyet Mah. Ferman Cd. No.6


Phone:90 216 451 4848
Fax:90 216 309 7457