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Since 2010

Narvin Gostar Parsian is a leading geosynthetics Engineering, Design, Execution and distribution company, Headquartered in Tehran. Established in 2005 with main intention of revolutionizing geosynthetics applications in Iran and providing innovative solutions.


We have been serving different sectors and industries with our Engineering, Design, execution and procurement services:

• Oil, Gas, Petrochemical projects by providing secondary containment, ground reinforcement, isolation, evaporation lagoons and other solutions.
• Road and railroad construction, civil, hydraulic and geotechnical projects by providing ground reinforcement and stabilization, tunnel waterproofing, reinforced walls, embankments, and sea coasts and slopes erosion control solutions.
• Urban and Industrial waste management projects by providing Landfills, Storage areas for treatment of contaminated soil and industrial sludge desiccation and many other solutions.
• Mining plants by providing Heap leach pads, tailing containment dikes, Brine evaporation basins.
• Agricultural, Irrigation projects and water treatment plants by providing water lagoons and reservoirs, canal and pond lining solutions.
• Telecommunication and Piping projects and various civil projects by providing horizontal Directional drilling services for crossing the rivers with pipelines and utilities or other means.
• Other geotechnical Services provided by Geosynthetics for various industries.





Outstanding projects done by Narvin Gostar Parsian:

• Milad telecommunication Tower Land stabilization and ground reinforcement
Land stabilization and ground reinforcement of 6th tallest tower and 14th tallest freestanding structure in the world.

• Gotvand Dam
This project is one of the biggest dam and power plant projects in Iran. 180m height rock fill dam with concrete core has 760m long crest and volume of dams’ body is about 27 million m3.

• The NationalIranian Oil, Oroomieh Storage tanks

• Tehran Refinery storage tanks

• Kaveh soda Evapouration ponds
Biggest Sodium carbonate manufacturing plant in Iran

• Tonb bozorg
Water purification plant

Head Office:
No.9, Golestan Street, Alikhani Boulevard, South Shiraz Street, VanakPark, Tehran – Iran
Postal code: 1436935796
Telephone: +98 21 88603549, +98 21 88603550 Fax: +98 21 88603553

Commercial Department:
Unit 2, No. 26, Bagh alley, North Sohrevardi Street, Tehran – Iran
Postal code: 1576915613
Telephone: +98 21 88734608, +98 21 88730814 Fax: +98 21 8852458

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Unit 2, No. 26, Bah alley
North Sohrevardi Street



Phone:98 21 88734608
Fax:98 21 88730814