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Since 2009

AQUATERRA CONSULTANTS LTD provides a range of geotechnical and geological services for land and marine based projects in Hong Kong or overseas. We are committed to providing quality services to clients to ensure full satisfaction for commissioned work. We are the sole agents of Concrete Cloth in Hong Kong manufactured by Concrete Canvas, UK.

Geotechnical Engineering and Geological Services


  • Desk study reporting and advice on existing information / data for sites.
  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, design, construction or post construction project work.
  • Project management of projects involving excavation, earthworks and foundations,
  • Full assessments of ground conditions for design and construction work.
  • Detailed assessments for all types of geological conditions, particularly in areas with complex geology or construction difficulties are due to unforeseen geological conditions.
  • Assessments of construction problems for claim documentation.
  • Ground investigation design, documentation and supervision including advanced in situ testing and sampling techniques, to ensure correct ground information is recovered prior to interpretation, geological modeling and geotechnical design.
  • Full documentation reporting produced for: Ground Investigations, Geological Assessments, Geotechnical Assessments, Ground Interpretations, Geotechnical Design, Geotechnical Basis of Design, Ground Instrumentation, Ground Monitoring, Groundwater Monitoring, Geotechnical Baseline and Natural Terrain Hazard Study Reports.


Specialist Geotechnical Services

Specialist services for resolving issues surrounding complex ground conditions particularly relating to unforeseen or difficult construction conditions are available. This service may require additional ground investigation to be carried out using advance techniques to verify ground conditions. A full review of existing ground information is undertaken to explore the possibility of alternative ground models also being represented. A thorough geological and geotechnical assessment based on confirmed facts will be provided backed up by published information and additional published literature where needed to complete a full review of the site conditions. Ground Investigation designs are provided for any type of ground conditions or groundwater regime depending on the type of construction works or assessment work required. Both land based or marine based investigations with drilling, sampling, in-situ testing or geophysical methods considered. Supervision of GI is important to ensure that correct information is being recorded and that techniques are correctly carried out with site safety committee attendance and safety reviews. Design of instrumentation for pre-construction, construction or post construction to monitor the behaviour of the ground for baseline, construction response or post-construction response.

Geology services

Geological assessments of sites with geological modelling including full reviews of published regional and local geological information and data. Ground confirmation through re-examination of existing soil samples or by further continuous sampling, for instance, will enable the site geology to be accurately assessed. Site specific data would be assessed in relation to the existing data prior to inclusion in the data set. Changes in site geology or complex conditions would be highlighted.

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