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Since 2004

GSE (Gundle/SLT Environmental, Inc.) is a global manufacturer of geosynthetic lining solutions, products and services used in the containment and management of solids, liquids and gases for organizations engaged in waste management, civil engineering, mining, water, wastewater, agriculture and aquaculture. GSE’s world headquarters is located in Houston-Texas / USA.

GSE Lining Technology GmbH manages the Europe and Africa operations from its Headquarter based in Hamburg / Germany, with sales offices in the United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia. GSE offers a complete range of geosynthetic lining products, technical support and reliable installation services. The company’s principle products are polyethylene-based geomembranes, geocomposites, concrete protection liners, TunnelLiner, geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles and vertical barrier products.

The GSE product range:
GSE possesses flat cast extrusion liners as well as blown film lines and produces HDPE, LLDPE, VLDPE and TPO geomembranes with smooth and textured surfaces in a thickness range of 0.3 to 5.0 mm.

Smooth Geomembranes
Covered or exposed, GSE smooth geomembranes provide dependable containment for the most demanding applications: sanitary landfills, cappings, tailing dams, heap leach ponds, water and waste water containment in ponds, artificial lakes, canals, dams; secondary containment and treatment systems.

  • GSE HD
  • GSE HD White
  • GSE HD Color
  • GSE UltraFlex
  • GSE UltraFlex White
  • GSE UltraFlex Color
  • GSE Conductive
  • GSE TPO ProFlex


Textured Geomembranes
GSE sprayed or coextruded textured surfaces increase the interface friction between containment, geomembranes and adjoining materials.

  • GSE HD FrictionFlex (MRS/DRS)
  • GSE HD Textured
  • GSE HD Colortex
  • GSE HD White Textured
  • GSE HD Color Textured
  • GSE Ultra FrictionFlex (MRS/DRS)
  • GSE UltraFlex Textured
  • GSE UltraFlex White Textured


Drainage Products
GSE drainage products provide a wide range of in-plane flow performance to facilitate fluid flow for leachate removal and collection systems or gas vent layers. GSE offers geocomposite and geonet drainage products
also in certified quality.

  • GSE HyperNet HF-E
  • GSE HyperNet ST-E
  • GSE HyperNet CN-E
  • GSE FabriNet HF-E
  • GSE FabriNet ST-E
  • GSE FabriNet CN-E
  • GSE FabriNet ZB-E


Geosynthetic Clay Liners
GSE GundSeal GCLs are manufactured hydraulic barriers consisting of bentonite clay bonded to a geomembrane and covered with a thin geotextile. GSE BentoLiner is a fabric encased GCL. In covered environmental applications, GCLs are utilized as an efficient and cost effective replacement for conventional compacted clay liners (GCLs).

  • GSE GundSeal
  • GSE GundSeal Textured
  • GSE BentoLiner EC
  • GSE BentoLiner CNSL
  • GSE BentoLiner NS and NSL
  • GSE BentoLiner NW
  • GSE BentoLiner NWL and NWL-35 and NWL-45


Specialty Products
GSE supplies products providing for many specialized containment needs and/or support for liner installations.

  • GSE StudLiner – Concrete embedment liners to provide concrete protection from mechanical damage and corrosive or erosive environments in a wide range of industrial, municipal and civil applications.
  • GSE Tunnel Liner and GSE TunnelLiner FrictionFlex B1 or B2 – Waterproofing system for road and railway tunnels.
  • GSE CurtainWall with GSE InterLock profile- designed for the construction of vertical cut-off walls to avoid lateral migration of subsurface fluids.

GSE Products are certified according to all leading European requirements or guidelines. Test reports from leading international institutes are available.

  • Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)
  • German Institute for Construction Technologies (DIBt)
  • Southern German Centre for Plastics Technology (SKZ)
  • Kiwa N.V. Certification and Inspection (KIWA)
  • Geomembrane Certifiee par Asqual (ASQUAL)
  • Austrian Standards Institute (ÖFI)
  • CE Certificates of Factory Production Control (CE)
  • ITB – Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (ITB)
  • TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI)



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