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Since 2003

An international organization
ACE Geosynthetics, established in 1996, built the first automatic production line in Taiwan for Geogrid and Geotextile manufacturing. Its corporate growth and professional working team leads to the first manufacturer and exporter in Geogrid and Geotextiles in Taiwan.
Quality control process during manufacturing of all our products is maintained through our ISO 9001 and CE certifications.
Top quality with perfect durability production and intellectual proficient service are the key elements leading to ACE Geosynthetics rapid and wide expansion over the world.
In 2008 the prospected annual output of ACEGrid® exceeds 20 million square meters and ACETex® approaches to 2000 tons.

Products introduction

ACE geogrids are woven by high strength polyester (PET) yarns with various mesh sizes and specifications. Exterior is coated with PVC or nontoxic substance material for UV, acid, and alkali resistance and to prevent the bio-decomposition.
Uniaxial ACEGrid®: Strength from 20kN/m to 800kN/m
Biaxial ACEGrid®: Strength from 30kN/m to 300kN/m

The structures of ACE geotextile known as ACETex® is woven by high tenacity Polypropylene (PP) or Polyester (PET) yarns.
PET ACETex® from 100kN/m to 1000kN/m
PP ACETex® up to 250kN/m x 250kN/m

Rather than making the bags from degradable natural fibers, however, the use of UV-stabilized polymeric fibers has added new life into such structures. With high tensile strength and low deformation, ACEBag can be filled with in-situ soil and can be specially modified to fit the particular application at hand. Also, ACEBag can play an important role as slope protection and temporary retaining structure.

ACE geotextile tubes utilize a high-strength synthetic fabric as a form for casting units by filling with sand or mortar. ACETube® is made of a combination of tubes of various diameters and length, which can be used as groynes, breakwaters or seawalls in coast-protection programs.

ACEFormer is constructed with high strength woven geotextile. Suitable for diverse applications, the woven fabric can be either PP or PET material. It is primarily installed to provide protection against rainfall washouts, high speed scour and compensate the difference settlement of the underlying soil.
Our ACEFormer is comprised of mortar or concrete filled elements and fabricated in many structures, such as:




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Technical papers and Case Studies
2007 IAA (Repairing Yi-Lan Road in Taiwan)
Reservoir Accessing Road Construction
IAA-2009-geosynthetic project

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