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Since 1996

As a leading manufacturer of economical, innovative and sustainable products, Presto Geosystems leads the industry with relevant quality solutions for today’s challenging soil stability problems and stormwater requirements.

Presto is the original inventor of the cellular confinement technology and the manufacturer of the GEOWEB® cellular confinement system. The Geoweb system offers significant project cost-savings and long-term sustainable solutions to load support, slope, shoreline and channel protection, and earth retention problems.

Wide Range of Applications/Markets

In load support applications, the Geoweb® system stabilizes infill, providing permeable surface stabilization for unpaved surfaces, base stabilization for paved surfaces, and a load distribution system over weak soils. In slope and channel protection applications, the system provides increased slope stability to embankments, protection to geomembranes, shoreline revetments, dikes and levees, dam faces, stormwater/wastewater containment basins, and landfill covers. When layered, the system becomes an earth retention system, meeting all structural requirements and aesthetics through a completely vegetated face.

The Geoweb system is applied in worldwide applications ranging from light-duty trails and parking to heavy-duty access lanes, roadways, intermodal/port facilities, mining and oil/gas markets.

Presto’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2000 and CE standards. The desire to reduce costs and increase performance and sustainability drive Presto’s product innovations and advancements.  Innovations include cell-wall texture, perforations and slots for integrating tendons, ATRA® clips and anchors, and ATRA® connection devices.

The GEOWEB® System Cell Sizes
– Small (GW20v), Mid (GW30v), and Large (GW40v) cell sizes, 75mm (3 in), 100 mm (4 in), 150 mm (6 in) and 200 mm (8 in) cell depths

Green Initiative
Many of Presto Geosystems’ products contribute to USBGC LEED™ green building credits for reducing stormwater runoff, reducing the heat island effect, utilization of recycled materials and reduction of land use.

Solutions-Focused Value
Presto’s knowledgeable engineering and construction problem-solving staff tailors solutions to customer’s needs.  Free engineering project analysis and preliminary design service.  Other services available: Field site evaluation, contractor training and installation support, SPECMaker® Specification Development Tool for easily creating customized 3-part Geoweb® system specifications.

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