Young Members Committee

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Mission Statement of the Young Members Committee

A young IGS member is specifically defined as a member who is under 36 years of age. The IGS Young Members Committee was created to:

  • Promote young members’ participation at regional/chapter levels and at all levels within the IGS.
  • Develop and maintain a membership list of all young IGS members in all regions and actively manage their participation in IGS activities and events.
  • Create and develop a social media platform for awareness and communication to which geosynthetics education, events, and activities can be discussed.
  • Develop a network to support student members and young members at the university level and their transition into the world of employment, by connecting them to corporate members of the IGS for possible employment opportunities or further research work opportunities.
  • Assist the IGS Education Committee with the completion of various goals including the translation of IGS terminology and glossaries into various languages.
  • Organize interaction and networking sessions with the geosynthetics industry and other young member associations in the engineering sphere to stimulate and activate awareness of the group.
  • Maintain a friendly platform for the exchange of knowledge, information and questions and to share job opportunities.

The committee is currently pursuing the following tasks:

  • Formalizing the organizational structure of the young member leaders in the various regions.
  • Continuously updating roster information and recruiting new young members.
  • Arranging young member social and technical sessions at regional conferences.
  • Creating a strategy plan of young member tasks and activities for the upcoming years. A strong emphasis will be placed on involving young members in the IGS technical committees.
  • Assisting the IGS Education Committee to complete goals such as translation of IGS terminology and glossaries into various languages.
  • Engaging with the IGS Council on areas where the IGS-YMC needs support and help.
  • Setting up networking sessions between young members from both the IGS and the Geotechnical Engineers Association at the 2016 IGS regional conferences.
  • Forming partnerships with other young member associations such as ISSMGE YMPG (International Society for Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering Young Members Presidential Group).

Planned Meetings of the IGS Young Members Committee:

  • GeoAmericas, 10-13 April 2016, Miami Beach, USA
  • EuroGeo 6, 25-28 September 2016, Istanbul, Turkey
  • GeoAsia 6, 8-11 November 2016, New Delhi, India

Irene Nyirenda Inan

Laura Carbone

Fagner Franca

IGS Council Member:
Edoardo Zannoni

Technical Officers:
Ana Noval Arango

Alex Galindo

Preston Kendall

Jamil Raja


Photo of Young Members with IGS past presidents and current President, Dr. Russell Jones, taken at the 10ICG Berlin.


Photo of IGS Young Members taken at the 10ICG Berlin.